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Peter Farkas, Esq.

Peter FarkasPeter Farkas, has spent more than 40 years in business. In the capacity of Senior VP of Sales, Business Development Director, Sales Pro, Platform Speaker, Real estate developer, investor and attorney. He has assisted I growing multiple emerging and operating companies in industries including commercial real estate, international trade, manufacturing, interactive media and Film.

He has worked with numerous U.S. companies, including but not limited to Visteon Corporation, Kinko’s, Starbuck’s and Federal Express, Price Waterhouse, Proctor & Gamble, both domestically and abroad in various capacities.

Peter, born in Budapest Hungary is a New Yorker at heart with presence in Los Angeles California and the Orlando area in Florida. He speaks several foreign languages and travels to Europe extensively. His international business experience spans several countries including Europe and Asia.

Working in tandem with his partner and dear friend Leonard, their collective passion is to train as many salespeople as they physically and remotely can get in front of. Their mission is to radically change how salespeople feel about themselves as professionals and to dramatically improve sales skills and boost their financial conditions and the companies that they are affiliated with in the process.