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Client Testimonials

jones_200“Having worked with Mission Profitable since 2005, first with my entire team for sales training, and then individually for me as my private sales coach, I highly recommend the 80/20 program to any sales team or sales professionals. I look forward to the next couple of years, as we continue to grow our revenue with Mission Profitable.”

Noble Americas “The 80/20 program has continued to evolve and incorporate all forms of business development relevant to today’s highly competitive marketplace. Having personally attended many sessions and having heard the feedback from Noble’s Regional Sales Vice Presidents, our entire sales team is benefiting from Mission Profitable’s lessons about having the attitude of ‘Abundance,’ the connection between ‘Rewards and Goal Achievement,’ and ‘Consistency’ as the key success factor in prospecting. Our customer base is growing, and Noble is on track for solid year-end results.”

cbre_200“Mission Profitable has trained a number of CBRE professionals throughout the Greater Los Angeles & Orange County Regions, showing us the 80-20 Professional Sales Development process. From effective prospecting to business building techniques, their proven approach has benefited our professionals. As the Functional Leader for Learning & Development for CBRE’s Greater Los Angeles and Orange County Regions, I would recommend Mission Profitable to those wishing to have a break-through in the world of sales.”

Oppenheimer“The focus on uncovering the emotional issues that our prospects and clients have certainly separates your methods from the typical features and benefits solutions found in most training programs. Identifying our clients ‘issues’ is probably the most important skill set we need to positively impact our client’s lives and expand our business. I also think Mission Profitable’s goal setting strategies are unique and extremely helpful to insure that we keep are eye on the ball and close more business. Thanks for your unique approach.”

cushman_wakefield“Having had our first region of brokers go through the Mission Profitable 80/20 Program, we can see how valuable this sales approach is, and look forward to continued success with the program.”

morgan” I fought going to this workshop for over a year but after attending, my business has been growing rapidly, and we have done extremely well with our methods. So what did I need the coaching for? I can only guess how much money my reluctance has cost me. I now know the amount of time we have wasted with ‘unpaid consulting’. We always thought that we would ‘win some’ and ‘lose some.’ The problem is that the ‘lose some’ takes much more time and cost much more money than the ‘win some.’ You have effectively given me the tools that will allow me to concentrate my energy on the clients that will do business with us. Your presentation was fun and exciting. You probably know that I did not want to pay the money to come to your workshop, because I thought I was already great. I know that in the past three days I have paid for your workshop four or five times over. I am looking forward to continue working with you. Thanks again.”

visteon“I am pleased to submit this testimonial to you. You started with a group of thirty and you have now trained a better part of the account and project manager team. We are thrilled beyond measure with our results. I actually overheard team members over lunch saying things to each other how they “took it over” or how they “rehearsed the influencer”. Amazing results. Keep it up.”

Noble Americas“I would like to convey some of the successes my sales team has been experiencing since your initial seminar and follow up sessions. Using the 80/20 techniques, we’ve been able to differentiate our company from the competitors and avoid spending valuable resources putting together proposals for prospects that have no intention of buying. One of my salespeople used the techniques with a prospect to avoid submitting a detailed proposal, which actually resulted in his obtaining a high level meeting with the decision maker. Another one of my salespeople closed a deal worth more than $500,000 in margin in one day. I am personally using the techniques with amazing results and am looking forward with excitement to more follow up sessions.”

acco_200“We want to thank you for your efforts in sales training and income coaching for our 67 salespeople in the service division. Your methodology and your personal teaching abilities have had a profound impact on virtually everyone. The principle benefits of the training have been the elimination of free consulting, the introduction of a usable methodology; and lastly, created an attitude to remain motivated whether we win or loose.”

century_200“I wanted to let you know that the work you did with my people has had a profound impact on their productivity as well as morale.”

irell“I want to take the opportunity to tell you how impressed I have been by your amazing insight into the art of negotiating in both the business and legal context. Your courses are both stimulating and enlightening. You reduce seemingly complex techniques and approaches to the simplest components and your understanding of the psychology of decision making in people creates a valuable tool which can be used in personal life as well as in the business arena. I would highly recommend you or any of your courses or seminars to anyone who engages in negotiations as part of their business life.”

mind_200“I have attended numerous “Sales Training” workshops in the past but the Mission Profitable 80/20 system is by far the best of all. The emphasis on self-esteem and feeling good about oneself therefore sets this system way above anything I have ever attended. Added to that, the taking control of the sales process and being able to disqualify the prospects who are not really serious is the most valuable skill I have achieved in years of professional sales. The vibrancy of the course and that nothing covered was a repeat of previous training re-hashed courses made the time spent extremely enjoyable and worthwhile.”

leebaron_200“Lee Baron is a firm of Real Estate Surveyors. As non-sales professionals we found your course most helpful in developing our marketing strategies and providing us with the skills needed to meet our development goals. Our team of young professionals had no background in sales and your workshop has focussed them in the business of developing client growth. Your dynamic approach is an inspiration to us in order to help us all to grow our business and we are excited to continue working together to this end.”

eco_200“I am delighted to report back to you that the sales training workshop has already produced the desired result. Although most of our team are very experienced they found the material introduced to be inspiring and most refreshing. They have all been able to achieve quicker decisions from their prospects and are able to ‘disqualify’ the time wasters and window shoppers. Here’s looking forward to an ongoing program of success together with your assistance.”

danziger_200“I recently attended a Mission Profitable training seminar in London. The presenter was superb, and the ideas were fresh and unique. As a tax attorney I found the experience to be exciting and really made me want to put the Mission Profitable principles into play at my very next client call and negotiation. I would strongly recommend the training for anyone involved in selling or negotiating.”

bsd_200“Many thanks for the brilliant sales seminar! I am almost embarrassed to admit to how many sales seminars I have attended as a mortgage broker over the years, and I was sure that this one was going to be good enough to keep me going… until the ‘next one.’ However, your system is a world apart. First, it looks at the reason why salespeople fail – and then presents a workable solution. Then it delivers a brilliant, easy to use method that makes selling totally painless and a fun thing to do! I cannot imagine taking another sales course – ever! From now on, it’s your techniques all the way. I cannot recommend it more highly, whatever industry or profession a person is in.”

rel_200“Thank you for allowing me to participate in your 2-day workshop. It was possibly one of the best business investment decisions I have made. I have attended many workshops and seminars and have found that the most important “take-away” is implementation of the material. I have always found it frustrating to leave all pumped-up then feeling let down when not equipped to implement what I had learned. Most of the time it is that missing link which defines success…or not. Success as defined for the participant as information usefulness, application, do-ability, and positive results. You provided me with all of the above, and more. I have already made good use of what I learned in business and in my private relationships. I appreciated your high level of audience participation, real-life stories and scenarios. I attribute my ability to walk out of the workshop and immediately use the techniques to do two things.First is the technique itself. And the other is you. You did a wonderful job providing us with detailed written materials and walked us through the process in a thorough and holistic manner. Your energy level and sense of humor kept the class active and moving forward towards our goal. I look forward to attending other workshops from you.One more thing….I would like to ask you a question: Did you enjoy my participation in the workshop? Will you consider having me at your next workshop so that I can further “spread the word” about the Leonard Atlas and your technique and reinforce my skills?”

jta_200“I want to thank you for a tremendous breath of fresh sales-air that you’ve given to me as well as my firm. You have rekindled the fact that sale’s is a process and made me realize that this is my process not the prospect’s. You’ve corrected the misnomer that “sales are numbers game” (if you get in front of as many breathing folks as you can, someone will eventually buy). I absolutely love going for the no! It is actually fun to sell again. You’ve made me realize how confusing I’ve made my own products and services. I am in the process of creating small concise elevator pitches for each product and service we offer as opposed to here is everything including the kitchen sink “what do you think” approach.I highly recommend your two-day session and look forward to doing follow-up training personally.”

yellow_200“I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank and congratulate you for an amazing job you have done training my sales force all across America this past year. It is no easy task working with 9 different sales groups each with different skill levels and cultural nuances, but you handled the task with flying colors.”

chellie_200“For the past ten years I made it a priority to train with Mission Profitable. Their business development method helped me build a thriving company and later sell it for a handsome profit. Now with my new enterprise I am constantly utilizing their techniques and strategies. I can assure you that once you start training with them you will wish that you would have done it sooner.”

dei_200“I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how remarkable and effective your Mission Profitable workshop and system has been for my company. Not only are you a dynamic speaker and teacher, but the techniques you have taught us are truly revolutionary – and effective. Our company is on the cutting-edge of advertising and the internet – two industries that have suffered quite a bit over the last few years. Thanks to your workshops, we have thrived. While most of our competitors cut back or went out of business, we have continued to grow over the last year since we did your Mission Profitable Workshop. Thanks directly to the Mission Profitable tools and system, we have, in the last year, signed Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s, and Kimberly-Clark – just to name a few. For us this is a windfall, as these companies spend billions of dollars annually on advertising, and marketing, and are notoriously difficult to get in business with. I truly believe that our investment in Mission Profitable, was the single best investment we made in the last several years, and wholeheartedly recommend it to any and all business professionals who are interested in exponentially growing their business.”

community_200“Mission Profitable Works! Since completing your two-day course, I went back to the sales calls that would not see me in the past. When I spoke to the person, I used your method with a 60% hit ratio, 60%! The calls were much easier (and actually fun) because all of the pressure was on the prospects, not me. Your course was truly an education with real life applications and I look forward to attending your next class”

hula_200“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop. After spending two days with you I realized there is an easier way to sell! I was making my job much more difficult than it had to be. Also, your approach to training is more effective than any I have ever seen because as you teach, you encourage everyone to role-play and put each technique to use. Thank you so much for inviting me and I am looking forward to the next one!”

dentco_200“Mission Profitable was able to give our sales staff explicit direction pertaining to selling over the phone and in advance of any face-to-face meeting. Our customer qualification abilities and our training on “going for the NO” has saved us countless sales dollars and drastically improved Dentco’s closing ratio. Thank you to Mission Profitable.”

us_200“Mission Profitable is truly very good at what they do. It is also very evident that they thoroughly enjoy their role as a sales trainers, and that they enjoy helping and empowering others. I learnt much valuable information from them at this two-day workshop, and fully expect to earn more money for both me, and my company. Thanks for a job well done.”

paul_220“I have been acquainted with Mission Profitable’s trainers since 1994. Since then and on many occasions, I have watched them use their negotiating and sales development skills both in public forums as well as in one-to-one interactions. As an attorney for almost 30 years, I was initially skeptical that a non-attorney could teach me a “better way” to negotiate. Nonetheless, I have learned from experience that the method that they teach is extremely powerful and has particular application to negotiations in the context of law and mediation. I recommend their negotiating strategies highly for any attorney who is committed to obtaining better results.”

jeff_200“I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge your assistance in providing me with a more systematic approach to developing my legal practice. When I first met members of the Mission Profitable team in 1994 I was intrigued by their unusual style of negotiating and presenting information to groups, large and small. It wasn’t until I joined their sales development training programs in 1995 that I realized this unusual approach is available to anyone who is committed to unlearning some of their old behaviors, and applying some effort to learn new more supportive ways of conducting business. My fears that this system may not work for attorneys, was quickly put to rest when I found myself negotiating higher fees and better terms than ever before. I also became much more aware of my time management issues, and thanks to Mission Profitable and their personal business coaching team I have become more accountable to doing the work (behavior) that I have to do to maintain my income level and lifestyle. I can now proudly tell you that I am working fewer hours and earning more money than ever, and I owe that in part to Mission Profitable and their training programs. If you come across any other skeptical lawyers that need some confirmation in the power of your training, please feel free to have them give me a call.”

sr_200“The Mission Profitable team has an aura about them that is infectious. Their enthusiasm, professionalism and vast experience are of enormous benefit to all those who have the opportunity to come into contact with them. They are master presenters, combining expertise with a zany sense of humour to deliver a powerful message. Most important, they “walks the talk” and have been extremely successful in their own business ventures.”

bright_200“In my 30 years of being in the financial planning industry, I have met thousands of people, but you definitely stand out. Over the years we have worked together, I have always noticed Mission Profitable’s dedication and commitment to helping people sell more and earn more money all with less effort, whether it was on stage in front of a few hundred people, or in my conference room with just a handful. I would like to thank them for the personal training and private coaching.”

air_200“Simply Amazing- Mission Profitable puts an exclamation point on why “sales” and “prospects” are often at odds. Their unique training experience will re-energize professional sales people on any level. The Mission Profitable team speaks from the heart. Their systematic approach is making a lasting difference in our company. They blew us away with a tone that’s honest and effective, making it useful with our diverse team. Their approach can help you cut through the clutter better than any group we’ve seen in 20 years.”

shiki_200“I want to thank Mission Profitable for their sales coaching and mentoring. They have provided our company many strategies that have helped us reach and exceed our sales objectives here in the U.S. Mission Profitable’s understanding of the cultural differences between the Japanese and U.S. business approach, and how to work around it, has helped my team operate more efficiently in this foreign climate. We know the Mission Profitable team has been diligently working on their Japanese language. So we know you understand when we say domo yoroshiku onegai shimasu. Arigato gozaimashita.”

zoe_200“Thanks so much for the contribution to our sales efforts. It is refreshing to find a team who not only has a fresh approach to sales and negotiating but also has a strong specific knowledge base in our industry. How exactly did Mission Profitable get so knowledgeable about a niche industry like ours? We are following Mission Profitable’s game plan and it appears to be working. I would recommend them to any executive whose corporate responsibilities include boosting sales.”

king_200“It is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial. Mission Profitable has been an instrumental component in our company’s sales growth. The training, coaching and mentoring that they have provided our team both in our Florida and New York offices have been invaluable. Rarely can a company make an investment into an individual and be able to accurately account for its return on investment. I am pleased to say that in your case, our return on investment has been beyond our expectations.”

itrad“As Senior Vice President of Sales for a subsidiary of a multi billion-dollar advertising and media company, I am constantly concerned with sales growth and faced with productivity challenges. Mission Profitable’s contribution in enhancing these aforementioned areas has been above our expectations. Mission Profitable’s sales and negotiating techniques are second to none. For any organization considering their services as sales and/or negotiating trainer…it is time and money well spent.”

covenant_house“Mission Profitable’s workshop was absolutely wonderful. So much so that we just can’t wait for the encore! Their folksy humour and visual examples were inspirational to our youth and a catalyst for positive change. Because of their disadvantaged backgrounds they can be the toughest audience to reach but your team’s talk broke their resistance within a matter of minutes. So much so, that they stayed glued to their chairs for 3 hours. That is a feat! Mission Profitable’s seminar energized and motivated them but more important, the Mission Profitable teams talk and depth of knowledge and wisdom gave them optimism and a new perspective on how to not only pursue their goals but reach higher. We all look forward to a second visit – already several of our youth were asking this morning when the Mission Profitable team was coming back. Bless your hearts for doing this. Your group is making a difference in the lives of these youths – Thank you!”