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The 80/20 Professional Sales System

“Concentrate on the vital few. Ignore, delegate, or delay the trivial many.”

Vilfredo Pareto, 1906

The “80/20 Rule” synonymous with Pareto’s Principle has been a key driver in MPI’s sales training program. The result is a highly successful sales system designed to increase performance by users being more productive in less time. In another words, working smarter – not harder.

By implementing field-tested strategies and techniques that we teach, trained professionals transform the old school sales technique into a model of how to best invest their time wisely and productively.  This model shifts the focus of spending time with the 80% of people who lead to dead ends to spending time with the 20% that will become clients or customers. When trained professionals fully implement the 80/20 Sales Efficiency system, they quickly identify and disqualify the trivial counter-productive  80% and direct most of if not all of their energy into the vital 20%.

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