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Broken Windows, Broken Business

ScarabCOACH-BookSummaries-Broken-Windows,-Broken-Business-2Attention to detail, like crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, is the backbone for success.  It’s the small things that count. This way of thinking is not new and it has been preached to us since the first grade.

Broken Windows, Broken Business is a top-selling, industry-recognized book written by PR guru Michael Levine. Its underlying theme focuses on the principle of if a window in a building is broken and not catered to, ultimately, the rest of the windows in the building will be broken, eventually leading into a snowball effect and perception of higher crime rates and chaos.

This book creates a parallel of that principle and applies it to businesses. With this model, it’s our mission to help companies find, face, and fix their broken windows through keynote lectures, in-house workshops, business development programs, and 1-year personal support packages.

Business executives are ignoring three key problems, limiting the growth and profits of a company: unhappy employees, poor customer service, and hidden internal problems.

  • In Fortune’s Magazine article, “100 Best Companies to Work For,” their revenue increased by more than 22% and their hiring rate was five times greater than the national average. How happy are your employees?


  • According to studies of customer satisfaction worldwide presented by Media Post, U.S. Companies lose $83 billion annually as a result of poor customer service, and nearly 70% of consumers said they have terminated a relationship based on customer service alone. How good is your customer service satisfaction rate?


  • Many executives and business owners overlook key problems without realizing the true impact they are having on their bottom line. What are your broken windows and how are they limiting your business?

Using the Broken Windows, Broken Business: Find ‘Em, Face ‘Em, Fix ‘Em approach, adapted from the best selling business book, Broken Windows, Broken Business by Michael Levine, this half-day workshop is taught by skilled facilitators who have more than 60 years of executive-level business training and leadership experience.

Find ‘Em: Discover the unconventional solution that reduced New York City’s violent crime rate by 56% and how it applies to your business.
Face ‘Em: Uncover the hidden problems that are at the root of some of your biggest business challenges and gain insight into the true impact that these seemingly “small” issues are having on customers, employees, and profits.
Fix ‘Em: Create a step-by-step action plan for eliminating these problems and insuring that they don’t happen again.

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